Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm Julia Child...I mean Harry Potter?

Okay so as some of you may or may not know I do a sweet ass Julia Child impression. Well everyone knows that there is that movie Julie and Julia or something along those lines and it is an inspiration for my next blog assignment.

I can't remember if I told all of you what I will be doing in the coming year or not, so if I have please forgive me for repeating myself. I am to lazy to go back are read a couple blogs ago to find out. (We also made a video announcing this but we haven't gotten around to editing a posting....or even making the YouTube channel....w/e don't judge us)

I received The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook for Christmas and I plan on completing all the recipes for y'all. I will blog, take pictures and maybe if you are lucky I will even video some of me cooking.

Butter Beer is not in the book (boo you whores) but I will hopefully be making it first and pretending because I found a recipe. I will try to do one or two a week. The book is kind of legit though and has over 150 recipes, some from things in the book and others just good ole British food.

So for those of you mathletes out there you probably realize that this will take a really long time, then you have to add in the fact that I am the king of procrastination. It will get done though. Promise. (Ps I had to use a calculator to figure out how long it will take...)

Anyway that is all for now, hope everyone has a great safe New Years Eve!!!

Maybe if your lucky I'll make butter beer tomorrow!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Its okay to be different, if it benefits everyone else.

Quick update before I start the blog: We will soon blog/post videos from out adventure but were are procrastinators (and I lost my camera) but for right now here is one of my Christmas Posts I didn't actually write in post in time. This blog is a total joke about Rudolph.

From a very young age children are taught that they should be themselves and that "its okay to be different". But lets face it, its not okay to be different. People as a whole only except someone different if it benefits them.

Lets take the classic story/song/movie Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. He had a very shiny nose. Some even said it glowed and people laughed and called him names. No one liked Rudolph, what good was a shiny nose, he just thought he was special. Then on a foggy night he guided Santa's slay and the rain deer loved him. oh now you love him, now that he helps everyone out its okay to be different. Clearly the love for Rudolph only happens when its foggy, you never see Rudolph on a clear night.

here are some other examples.

middle schoolers always make fun of the tall kid, yet when basketball come around guess who is the first pick? When someone can't reach something the tall kid can.

I mean I just want to say that people should be more excepting of Rudolph's nose year round not just foggy Christmas nights.  I know one day I may need a giant to get something for me, or a midget to something from a really low place when I'm 80 years old and can't bend over anymore.

We are all different, I'm super funny and load more attractive then most people. I think differences are a good thing they make people unique.

unless your a ginger. that's never okay.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goose and Twin reunited for 5 days only. Don't miss it! A CONTEST FOR YOU!

It's here, my friends. Twin is visiting me, Goose, tomorrow. A HUGE thank you to our sponsor, Dr. Pepper and we are going to wreak havoc all over Illinois. Even if it will be like 10 degrees. WHATEVA. 

Hopefully the cold will not prove destructive to our best-friendom. We've only ever been friends in warm weather until now.

To THANK you all for following and reading (We know you do it, even though you don't comment. We get stats..Shout out to you Canadians. You know who you are... ;) ) we want to run a contest which is also sponsored by Dr. Pepper. (They've loved us ever since our experiment and we love them too)

Here it is. From the dates of 12/13 - 12/17 shoot us an email at
Suggest something you want us to put onto our NEW YOUTUBE channel (launching soon), or BLOG. Ask us a question, tell us a story, have us act something out, an interesting blog topic, get creative. We have to start our youtube channel with a BANG and continue strong with our blog.

Love ya'll. Thanks for reading.
Goose (& Twin too)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I want a black girl best friend...and also about finals

I have many best friends. Straight black men, gay black men, straight white men, gay white men, straight white ladies, gay white ladies....I DO NOT HAVE A BLACK GIRL BEST FRIEND.

And I want one.

Listen, they are fabulous. They know the best places to get their hair done, and their nails. And they find these places for CHEAP. They gotta be cuz they get it done super often.

I had a weave once, and I'd do it again too if I had a black girl best friend consultant. She'd take me to her hairdresser so I wouldn't feel awkward - like the last time... I was the only white girl in there and they were AWESOME to me don't get me wrong but I was like a commodity. It was hilarious. I was legit thrown into the movie "Beauty Shop" (I think...I've never actually seen that movie)

Anyway, is any fabulous black girl in the market for a white friend? 

I know not all black girls do their hair and their nails and look perfect all the time. Sorry, but that's the one I want. I want a paws and claws buddy. (For those of you who don't know that's mani/pedi)

I wish her to be the kind of friend that brings no drama, and if drama is started with me or our posse SHE STOPS THAT SHIT with a snap of her perfectly manicured fingernails. Then I can step in front with MY perfectly manicured fingernails and throw a big "talk to the hand" and on we go being fabulous. Yeah, I totally want a black girl best friend.

Since that little fantasy is short I decided that I'd ALSO write about finals.


that's all.

<3 Goose

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The World Will End While Your On The Toilet

I said we probably wouldn't be able to post this week, I lied.

Here is the dilemma and I'm sure we have all been there, your on the toilet enjoying your favorite book and then you go to grab some toilet paper and there is nothing left. SSSCUSE ME???

What does one do in this situation? I also wait minute or so and hope some toilet paper magically appears. "Santa came early this year, here is some Charmin Ultra ." You really don't have to many options so here are a few:

1.) Ask the Audience. Scream for someone to bring you some and hope your not all out. This is a good method just scream really loud and hope someone is home.

2.) Phone a Friend. Text/call someone and tell them, less awkward but not as personal. What if they don't have there phone?

3.) Get in the shower and "hose off". While I have never personally done this I have heard stories of it happening and frankly I think its gross, really gross. This isn't a 3rd world country poop goes in the toilet and you go in the shower. You wouldn't wash yourself off in the toilet would you?

4.) The Waddle Method. If you are home alone and there is toilet paper in another room, sometimes you just got to waddle like a duck to get the toilet paper. I'd advise to you flush before you leave the bathroom. Once you grab the TP immediately go to the nearest bathroom to wipe.

5.) Towel Clean. Take a towel and use it, I find this also very gross and would advise you to throw away the towel after and do not try to flush it.

6.) Be a Man Use Your Hand. I do not advise you to do this at all. I'm not even sure why someone would do it. I'm sure someone maybe has but frankly once its on your hand then you have to use something to get it off and a lot of people would probably vomit. Just a big mess.

I am sure many smart people would say "Well keep the toilet paper in the bathroom." That sounds good in theory but for some reason my family thinks an appropriate place for toilet paper is in the hallway, or down stairs sometimes in the dinning room that we barely use. When you have to go really bad you don't think "Well I better go out of my way to get some toilet paper" so sir you go straight to the porcelain express.

Also this is another toilet dilemma I am sure some people face. Have you ever actually checked to see if theres toilet paper, and really had to go and you had to make the decision whether theres enough toilet paper on the roll or not. Sometimes if you get the soft fluffy kind that "makes your butt feel like a baby's bottom" it can be very misleading.  Then when you realize you made the wrong decision you are sitting there looking at this one thin square and wondering how this is going to work out. MacGyver that shit.

Here is the situation I was in the other day which made me bring this up. We were watching Harry Potter (Mom, Dad, Brooks and his girl friend) and Mom got a call so I decided it was the perfect time to go number 2 because she could talk on the phone for days. I had to go so bad that I ran upstairs and did my business (and actually was reading the harry potter book that was the same as the movie tmi I know). Well I was careless and realized there was no toilet paper. After waiting a minute for some mythical creature to bring me toilet paper (it would 've been nice to have a house elf) I went with method number two and texted Brooks. His response "No lol look on the shower handle first"........Really? He eventually brought me some.

Anyway I thought this was a funny subject and would share it. But by far the worst part of being stuck in the bathroom with no toilet paper is that it smells like shit.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Weekend Update

Monday school starts back and thanksgiving break will be over so it could be around two weeks before I updates again because of finals and everything so I thought I would fill everyone in on whats going on. I will probably getting a new layout soon, something that looks a little more professional also we will be adding more things like the fish tank at the bottom (go check it out).

We will start having a new surprise blog late this year or the beginning of next year, updates for it will probably come at least once or twice a week and last almost all year (maybe longer). We will keep it a secret about what its about until the first blog (which will come around the third week of December). It's going to be a teaser from what is to come and I know everyone will love it and if you don't then that's your problem!

Also I have been told that people can't follow the blog, I don't know why you guys can't BUT I do know you need a google account or a blog spot account. If you have one of those and you'd like to follow us (please do) then all you have to do is go to the top of our blog and theres a black bar and you just press the follow button! easy as pie! If you'd like to follow us and don't have an account then you can make one if you'd like, its free and easy and your won't all those crappy spam emails from this website so there no worries. But as always we will continue to tweet and post something on facebook every time we update.

Then we have been having a problem with comments, you should be able to comment even if you do not have a blog or google email, you should be able to comment anonymously, or just shoot us an email.

Anyway I hope everyone who went black Friday shopping got some good deals and those of you who had to work (like Suz) made it out alive! I saw Tangled last night and its probably towards the top of all the Disney princess movies.


Friday, November 26, 2010


Okay this year was the best one yet. Let's get serious for a moment. I hope I don't make your soul hurt like I did with Reynolds when I told him this story, but I'm not telling you something funny first so it wont be as bad.

Well as many of you know I lost my brothers Joel and Eric Oct 16 and Nov 19, 2002. So ever since then Thanksgiving has been kind of...hard.
OKAY now funny part. And then, before that, we all had to go to my grandparents house which was always uncomfortable because mostly everyone hated each other. Haha. So yeah, Thanksgiving was just kinda "Alright let's just eat and get this crap over with."

This year was so fabulous though. We had 10 in all. My parents, me, Landon, my brother Nick and his finace Meridith, Jon, my aunt Geralyn and for the first time we had my Aunt Leslie and Uncle Jacques come. They finally decided NOT to go hang out with my grandfather for the holiday and I do say that everyone had a marvelous time.

My mom cooked and my mom is a DAMN good cook!!!! Anyway it just really felt complete and it felt like Eric and Joel were there in spirit. It's about time we got to be happy. I felt really blessed all day (even though I was over stuffed and tired haha)

THEN as tradition: My mom and I went and saw a movie, we ALWAYS go see movies on Thanksgiving. So we saw Tangled and OH MY GOSH. Soooo cute. So funny and even better than Princess and the Frog. I compare it to that just because it was the most recent. Oh and Tangled is the 50th animated Disney movie so you know it HASSS to be good (:

Anyway, I was Thankful for this year's Thanksgiving, good times, family, friends, exactly all of the boring stuff. I am thankful for this blog because it's fun & I am incredibly thankful for everything Disney because it changed my life....

The biggest change is that now I cry every time i see the castle intro for disney movies ;) Haha okay that's not the biggest change, but it is true.

<3 Goose

Its that time of year again

This week the holiday season has officially began. Thanksgiving came and went faster than a stick of better sliding down a pipe in the dessert. Preparing for thanksgiving is always stressful because my family usually has gone months without fully cleaning the house so theres a lot to do, and then you have to cook on top of that. Well of coarse it was all worth it and this year the whole family was able to make it (minus a few). It was great to have everyone over and all the little ones. I must say I wish  there was presents involved.

In a few weeks Dr. Pepper is reuniting Suz and I and then Christmas will be here.

So since this week was thanksgiving I wanted to know what everyone was thankful for this year? yeah most everyone says "family, friends good health...." blah blah blah. Let's be honest we should probably be thankful for that everyday and not just once a year. Does anyone have anything special there thankful for? maybe they won some money or something materialistic. Frankly I find that more interesting to here I can assume your thankful for you family.

I personally don't give thanks, I get thanks. I'm just that great.

In all reality I think this year beside the "normal" things I am most thankful for the mouse. He's very strict and kind of mean but lets face it, it was probably one of....not it was the greatest thing that has happened to me this year. Living and working in Florida was great and all these wonderful people were blessed enough to meet me, and they aren't to bad themselves!

So everyone I'd like to know what you are thankful for this year, leave a comment, email us (, tweet us (goosethetwin) or facebook either one of us!


(PS I am home and will probably update again soon)

Friday, November 19, 2010


Suzanne's interview with Robert Patterson.

In honor of the new Harry Potter I thought that I'd share this video with everyone. So click the link and it will direct you to youtube where Suzanne (Goose) has an awesome video! Make sure to like it and comment!
Ps. Sorry for the lack of updates with tests and essays and everything (and work with Goose) we've both bee very busy.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

REYNOLDS IS A DISNEY PRINCESS (And way better than Snow White)


Once upon a time, there was a boy named Reynolds. One very magical day, Reynolds became a Disney Princess. How, you may ask, did he become a Disney Princess? well, Reynolds had worked at Disney in the past and saw that the Princess life was a pretty sweet one indeed. Frankly, the princes (with ONE S) got the shaft. Princesses got all the perks of being rich - big castles, pretty clothes, gorgeous hair. All of that without having to be lame like a Disney Prince. Really, the only thing they ever got was to marry a hot princess and Reynolds decided he could do that as a male princess anyway. So when he transformed into Disney Royalty, he chose the princess title instead of prince. PLUS Princes never get their own stories and Reynolds's story has to be told.

THIS is how Reynolds became a true Disney Princess...

One day, in a small little apartment in a beautiful little city, lived Reynolds. Reynolds liked to spend his days relaxing in the cool air streaming from the A/C while he baked lovely treats for him and his friends, like taquitos. Reynolds lived a simple and lovely life and he was happy. He had many friends, and even a twin brother.  

This particular day, all of Reynolds roommates came home. He noticed that one was not at all acting like the rest. He was sluggish, tired, and smelled funny.

     "MAGIC! BLACK MAGIC!" Reynolds exclaimed in horror realizing that this was the only logical explanation.
The friend looked up and shrugged. Reynolds often said random things in his presence.
"Um..." the sluggish friend slurred, "I'm having some people over later. I have business to settle."
Reynolds gasped in horror. "NO!" He screamed. The door opened and more kids posessed by the black magic piled in.
"NOOOO! Its too late to save you!" Reynolds fled into his room and locked himself safely in.

Soon, he realized that he quite needed a shower. He walked to the door of his room softly, and listened. He found that the black magic kids were still there. Falling into a deep sleep, Reynolds forgot all about his shower, and he also forgot about everything else. He slept for hours as a result of the black magic. OR maybe he was really tired. But probably because of black magic.

Soon Helen, the Princess who has always admired Reynolds from afar, noticed that he wasn't in princess class that day and went to his apartment to find him. She knew something was very wrong.

She walked into his apartment, only a vague remnant of the black magic was left, and the evil doers were gone. Helen found Reynolds's door bolted tightly shut. She knocked. Reynolds was still under the black magic spell.
She knocked again.
And again.
And again.
Slowly, she heard Reynolds begin to stir. The spell was breaking!

She knocked again and the door burst open. There Reynolds stood, he looked around. "They're gone!" He exclaimed, "My hero!" He jumped into Helen's arms and they lived happily ever after.

Eventually, Disney heard tell of Reynolds's ordeal. They instantly made him a Disney Princess, and kicked Snow White out. He even got a Spectromagic float and he sang,

"ON THIS MAGIC hm hmmm hm SPECTROMAAAGIC" over and over once a night (Except during extra magic hours -when he did it twice)


Friday, October 1, 2010

You've been GOT by the Comment Compadres. >:)

So Goose and I do badass things even when we are apart. To prove our friendship to everyone we formed the Comment Compadres.....but mostly because we were bored at 4am/3am and theres only so much family feud to be played. It basically goes like this. We spam a profile picture of you with hilarious talk. Be honored by it, it means we love you. Whos is more fitting for the first selects? why arika of coarse. This is how it went down on June 2, 2010 from 3:48am-4:07am

Reynolds Davis Arika is is really cute
  • Suzanne Jourdain I love that she's so tan

  • Reynolds Davis I know. kentucky looks good tan

  • Suzanne Jourdain Definitely. I dont know the other human though

  • Reynolds Davis The other human is a mystery, clearly she thinks arika is brilliant

  • Suzanne Jourdain Brilliant like Albert Einstein.

  • Reynolds Davis Or george W. I think human number two would love us

  • Suzanne Jourdain Well, who doesn't? I Could probably name a few actually...Haha

  • Reynolds Davis haha yes. I think my list is rather large actually.

  • Suzanne Jourdain Mine too. Gotta have hate to be great. I just made that up

  • Reynolds Davis Girrll you are like a rapper. you could throw it down!

  • Suzanne Jourdain I know, you should hear me when I drink! I SPIT it. And I only spit the truth.

  • Reynolds Davis Child I have! You have flow and rythem

  • Suzanne Jourdain HAHAHAHA never in my life...

  • Reynolds Davis I went shopping today but put everything back but the game my brother bought me the othe stuff was good but I didnt need it no how.

  • Suzanne Jourdain OMG haha. How was that game btw?

  • Reynolds Davis It was so amazing we get to play with all of our chacters including arikas :)

  • Suzanne Jourdain Yeah but you ran Arika over

  • Reynolds Davis Whoops!!! No Arika ran me over and then jumped off a cliff lol

  • Suzanne Jourdain Oh that's right you were Arika and you ran over Harry. Why did you jump yourself off a cliff??

  • Reynolds Davis omg there goes my secret identity. i wasnt aware it was a cliff at the time lol. and let me tell you when they die its a hoot and a half.

  • Suzanne Jourdain What should we call ourselves?! Like in HOme Alone Marv names them the wet bandits. We need a name for our scheming selves

  • Reynolds Davis hmm. the comment conpadres?

  • Suzanne Jourdain Comment Compadres. Perfect. >:) we'll make everyone unsuspecting wake up with 30 notifications.

  • Reynolds Davis muhahaha we are so badass we are off the chart but its okay i got a new white bored bigger and better

  • Suzanne Jourdain GOOD you'll need it. I love how we made Arika our first victim

  • Reynolds Davis hahah she diserves it lol. she thought she has all the power over us but the tables have turned

  • Suzanne Jourdain Sorry Arika, we love you but...

  • Reynolds Davis FINISH HERR!!!!!!

  • Suzanne Jourdain You've been GOT by the Comment Compadres. >:)


  • June 2, 2010 10:58 Arika found out.

  • Arika Hardwick OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU BASTARDS SO MUCH, IT"S NOT EVEN FUNNY!!! :)

  • Reynolds Davis excellent :)
    July 2 at 1:59pm ·

  • Suzanne Jourdain Perfection ♥ (:

    Be careful, you'll never know whos next or when we strike!

    Thursday, September 23, 2010


    So last night I had the STRANGEST dream ever. So I thought I'd blog it for you.
     I am going to write in this color to signify the dream.

    Okay so I was on survivor and we were all sitting at camp doing our on thing. Then I look up in the trees and see some monkeys, and much to my surprise one of those monkeys is actually a sheep. Yes, a white fluffy sheep. So, I did what anyone else would do, I climbed the tree to retrieve the sheep. Somehow I new exactly what the sheep was saying and we hit it off real well. So we became friends and he'd help me win challenges and stuff. He would also ride on my back. This is where it gets weird. I was a bio-chemical weapon of mass destruction. What did I do you ask? Well I could give anyone the chicken pox with just one kiss ha. So when people made me mad or I need an advantage, I'd just chicken pox there ass. (I had the chicken pox about 3 times so its known, and I had the shot) but after 30 days sheep and I won survivor.

    How awesome would that be? (to have a sheep that is, I suppose giving everyone I kiss chicken pox would become problematic)

    ANYWAY GOOSE  and I have very big news. As some of you may know, Goose and I live far apart. Well Dr. Pepper has informed us today that I will be flying out to CHICAGO!!!! This is a great opportunity :) It will be a blast. December 13-17 whoot whoot.

    Also the blog updates may start coming more frequently, and they may not. School is super busy for both of us. We had completely forgot the tasks we were taking on while leaving Disney lol.

    My car wouldn't start today. That's really all I got. I'll try to think of something funny to right about soon. and I'll make GOOSE do something lol.

    Tuesday, September 21, 2010


    As a child we all have big dreams what we one day hope to achieve. Some are being astronauts or police men or fire men (if ever I once thought of this as a profession I wanted to get into, I lost all interest in it on 9/11 along with working in a office building). But as we grow older we become more realistic. This is my journey on trying to decided what I want to be when I grow up.

    Now lets start off by saying I actually wanted to drive an ambulance, or as I know now be an emergency medical technician. I had a toy ambulance as a child and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. These dreams quickly faded. I didn't really know what was involved in the job, I just knew I wasn't getting shot at or running into burning building.

    The next thing I wanted to be was a veterinarian. There was a couple problems with this.
    1. Its a job that requires you to be smart.
    2. I wouldn't just get to play with fun animals all day, I'd have to deal with sick ones and even kill some.
    Needless to say this got a big X though I would still love to do it.

    So I moved on to bigger and better dreams of a future career. I WAS GOING TO BE FAMOUS. Now I know this is hard to achieve so I decided I wouldn't be picky on how I became rich and famous I just want it. If I could sing, I'd be a singer. If I could act, I'd be an actor. If I had no talent to get me famous, I'd be on reality TV or just become OPRAH (who is now leaving TV so ABC give me a shout out I'd gladly take her place).

    So how have a I done so far? Well I have not actually tried to become famous yet so I'd say I'm doing pretty good. Why? Because I have been on TV and in documentaries. While in Japan they filmed so documentary and I was there. I didn't speak, I did what I do best. I stood there and looked good. I am not sure what this was for or who would be watching it and frankly I didn't care. Give it to the North Koreans so they can see how cool us Americans are. Then in Australia I was on some "Good Day Atlanta" type TV show except it was Sydney. They were showing people all the cool things to do in Sydney, well apparently I happened to be doing one, or be at one is the better word. We were playing some warm up game for cricket and the camera crew asked us if we would like to come sit with the hosts as he talks. We were told to laugh and cheer and such (it was the Olympic steps some runner took and they had a couple people try to match the steps) I don't really know but I suppose you can call this my first speaking role.

    My big break came in the spring of 2010. I was at work at Liberty Inn. It was a slow day and the only people working really were Bonnie, Montrelle and I. We got called into our managers office, "well great I'm in trouble for god knows what" was my first reaction. This is because that day I hadn't done anything wrong for once. Our manager told us we were chosen to be on Dinner Impossible! We had to be at work super early for filming (we filmed with the french and Germans). we got there and signed some papers and such (they just wanted my autograph). I was playing the part as one of Princess Tianas friends/workers or as I like to think of it as, slaves. But we had to bring Chef Roberts craw fish and okra. I had a giant pot because Montelles eyes are bigger than her arms, which was good for me because I got more TV time because of it. So we ran out there and stood by here. Then we had to run around EPCOT following this triathlete chef, and mid you the whole time my craw fish bucket is full and I'm wearing nickers and dress shows. It aired and it was pretty exciting I'll see if I could get a video up here. PS its not as easy as it looks. We took multiple takes. I posted a link because I couldn't get the embedded version to work.

    Anyway that is my story. Right now I am in college. I started of as a Biology major (I wanted to be a marine biologist) but switched to film. Then went to broadcast journalism but may go back to film. Who knows what my future holds :)


    A little side note, sorry about the lack of posts :)

    Monday, September 13, 2010


    Okay. I get it, I haven't blogged in like 36 years. It's not because I haven't WANTED to, it's because it's been the BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!

    Do you know how BUSY the beginning of the school year is? And it's still in that "just getting used to" stage. I never even see Landon anymore because he works like the craziest crazy man I have ever seen. (:

    Anyway here I am. First day off of everything and everyone in about 2 months. I slept til 1 (Bad idea but felt great). Last week was so crazy... If I wasn't at school I was working. Literally. Wednesday I worked 9-5 had class 6-8:40. Then a paper to write. Then Thursday I worked after class. Friday I WENT CAMPING AT YOGI! It was so amazering. It was so nice to be able to spend time with my entire family : my mom, dad, Nick, Meridith (My brother and his fiancee for those of you who don't know)..also Josh & Amanda (my brothers roommate and HIS fiance)..and Danny (Josh's brother/ All of our friend lol) And Landon even got to come this year. So much fun.

    So I'm home, Landon's working a double (poor guy) and I'm off of work. No class for me on mondays either. Weeeeee!

    I don't really have any books to comment on because we're reading Willa Cather's "DEATH COMES FOR THE ARCHBISHOP" and it's sucking my life and soul dry. I despise it and it makes no sense. And oh to add insult to injury it's highly and blatantly religious. Gagggg.

    I'm TRYING to read the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins (NICE NAME!!!!) and the first one was VERY good and I WANT to read the 2nd but it's taking me forever because of stupid Archbishop takes up all my reading time and I hate it so much that I read it so little. So more on all that.

    This year, I have learned that I have gamer tendencies. I love video games sometimes. Now, I'm only a gamer about once every 5 years. Or...once every adult targeted disney game comes out or Legend of Zelda game. RIght now I'm playing ZELDA TWILIGHT PRINCESS. A little late I know. It's old. But I was worried about playing a game on wii like that (it's so fun).

    Next I'm pretty sure I'm going to go back and play Kingdom Hearts RE: or whatever some more

    And then that badass mickey game comes out soon. Near christmastime. That'll be my next. And a Sims expansion pack comes out..

    But the thing about the Sims is that I get SUPER into it for a few days then I'm like, "meh." If I played like Reynolds, things would always be interesting. His sims always have crazy stuff happen to them.

    Anyway, I just really like being able to veg out and play video games on days when I KNOW i have no responsibilities. Days like today. I'll probably do my homework first, so I KNOW I don't have anything going on, then play Zelda all day.

    Just dont expect me to play stupid games. Cuz I wont.

    Also, I need to be nicer. Not to people, because to people I'm sweeter than a potato in molasses on the fourth of july. But I'm mean like behind people's backs. I'm like "UGH THAT PERSON LOOKED AT ME. SCREW THEM" when I'm in my moods. Honestly, usually it's like a silly playful mood, trying to be funny but it comes out all wrong. Plus, whoever I poke fun at is someon's friend, someone's mom, someone's whoever and that's just hurtful.

    I mean unless they seriously deserve it of course. Cuz people watching is super fun. But there's a line. Gotta curb that snarky critical voice in my head. Cuz lets be honest, I'm not perfect.

    COME ON!! Stop protesting. No! I'm not perfect. COME ON! Knock it off guys we're not arguing about this. I'm NOT! (:

    Haha jk.

    Anyway- Stay tuned for my next blog coming soon (tonight or tomorrow) - DISNEY PRINCESS REYNOLDS: A Fairytale.

    Peace Love and Pixie Dust
    (PS I'm a campus rep - I bullied my way in. I'll blog about that later too)

    Sunday, September 5, 2010

    Last night, I was Gwen Stefani

    Talk about a long weekend! This weekend is 4 days long :) so for the first time while living in at my new school I went out and parted. This will be this first and probably last time I tell everyone about a party I went to. I had an interesting 48 hours that I thought need to be shared.

    For Privacy reasons I'll leave names out. I suppose.

    Leading up to Friday we all knew we were going out to M's house.  I wasn't sure about how this party would be, of coarse I would be attending but wasn't completely thrilled. So it started at 8, which I decided was to early so we went at 10. C, J, KB and KJ were all the people who showed up with us and we decided we would all be drinking and have drinking games. I decided that I didn't want to drink to much but I would participate in any drinking games going on just for fun. W

    Well we played circle of death and then some kind of H game. I don't really know. I did good at the H game because you have to guess cards, if theres one thing I'm good at its counting cards and guessing. Why am I so good? Because I play countless amounts of solitare, and I win. So during theses games DC showed up, let me tell you these 48 ours me and DC went from being strangers to good friends because I am a GREAT person litereally. I'm a bomb friend. and then asians 1, 2 and 3 showed up. This really loosed J up bc he knew asian 1.

    The Asian trio really spiced up the night, and eventually J2 came but she didn't drink much. Then we played some beer pong, and continued to drink. At about this time we decided we were just going to spend the night but I was going to pull a fast one on our dd, J2 eventually need to go home. Any way that wasn't for a while.

    So we continued to drink. Then C took KB home and thats when the party started. Apparently whenever C leaves a place it becomes a lot more fun and it did. Asians 1 and 3 were pretty wild and everyone was running around kissing everyone. Except M DC and J2 had gone to retrieve taco bell for consumption. So it was pretty fun with all them gone. Then we participated in shots and them my tacos arrived. 

    It was a blast and we drank from the hours of 10-4 and then eventually we all passed out. at 8am we awoke because we had to get ready for the football game. At this point I still feel alittle drunk and not so much hungover. We hitch a ride to the game and go to tailgate where we do a lot of jello shots and drink something my cousin made for us. I wouldn't say i got drunk but I was not near sober any more so we go to find C M KJ and DC and we find Dc passed out at the bus stop with KJ. This is the point when the 48 hours gets lame.

    DC was so drunk and out like a light, she couldn't even sit up, not I hope you realize it is barely 11am if that late. So we sit around for a while tring to keep her legs closed, her boobs in her dress and her body on the bench as apposed to the ground. Once she did decide she wanted to be on the ground so she just rolled herself off and hit hard. She thought it was comfortable and wanted to stay there, clearly we weren't going to let her stay on the ground. So we picked her up and put her on the bench. She was laying on me and I had face imprints from her makeup one my pants. The dress was very annoying to try to keep on her and her covered up. When we woke up I voted she wore shorts and a jersey. I she would have listened half of athens wouldn't know what color underwear she wore.

    Anyway, my cousin married a awesome lady and she was going to take me home and luckily she said she would take DC's drunk ass with me. So she drove her back to my apartment where she actually managed to get up 3 flights of stairs like a little trouper, with some help of coarse. Then she came in and planted herself on the couch and was out for most of the day. I watch the UGA game and then some more football. When J finally made it home she woke up. She was not happy that M left her alone, she had know idea where she was. She was postive it was time to get ready for the game, it took about 15 to 20 minutes for us to finally explain to her that she missed it and it was 5 in the after noon. When she found out M had her phone I think it just made her more mad. So KJ came over and we tried to find M who wouldn't answer his phone.

    We drove to his apparment and luckily the door was unlocked because he was passed out. We chilled there for a while and then left and I went home cooked hamburgers and finally went to sleep. We then woke up and went to KJ's apartment for a party. After my day I decided that I didn't want to drink and I wanted to sleep in my own bed but I did have fun. After a while I left and went to sleep.


    Friday, September 3, 2010

    DISNEY STORIES SERIES - #1: The Story of How We Met!

    Don't get confused here. Whatever Goose says is still purple and Twin is still Red.

    Ahh the story of how we met. Let's begin. Shall we? Well we should begin before the beginning! FIRST OF ALL we should talk about the fact that I met TWO of Twin's roommates before him. And neither one of them decided to tell me they knew a coworker of mine, and I was clearly freaking out about not knowing anyone. Oddly enough...and now I'm dating one of them (String bean)! Hah!

    First there was Shamari who I loved at first because he reminded me of my friend Kiarri. Then he introduced me to Landon who is now the love of my life. Besides me of coarse, but I had to point her in the true direction of love. Who knew!! BUT that's another story entirely. 

    So I met them and of course we asked the standard, "So where do you work?" question that everyone asks each other on the Disney College Program

    "Liberty Inn"

    Landon & Shamari: "Oh! That's where our other roommate Reynolds works! We haven't talked to him much though. He wont hang out with us." I was far to cool to hang out with them. He totally was. I had to force him to hang out with us. :P
    I suppose this is where I come into the story of how we met, I literally got the ONE PLACE I DIDN'T WANT TO WORK. I told everyone I didn't want America. It's so unfortunate that they put him exactly where he didn't want to go...but I always find it funny, sorry.Well I got it and I hadn't met anyone who worked there. So I was flipping out. Then we had the day we went to our work location and I found my best friend! So praise be for the Liberty Inn ;)
    I was like a lost puppy and she came and adopted me.

    Hahahah it's soo true, he really was. I was sitting with the rest of the fab 5 - Jessie, Julie, & Maggie - and poor Reynolds was all by his lonesome by some creepers. I think they were janitors. Lol they were actually snotty merchandise people, we all know that people in mechandise can get really obnoxious. I only slummed to hanging out with a janitor twice thanks. HAHA Just the one that stalked BonBon EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    One of my favorite conversations: What if you were a janitor at Disney and people asked what you did when you got back home? "Oh I swept and cleaned...I was Cinderella. Yep I was the princess Cinderella" I actually think the quote was "Sometimes I sweep floors, but most of the time I'm Cinderella" lmao. I saved it to facebook. Definatly a good conversation ha. HA!! THat's right I knew it was funnier than I told it. I'm glad you remembered. I was the one that said it and couldn't remember the awesomeness. LOL

    ANYHOO- Reynolds eventually found us and I assaulted him with, "OH YOU'RE REYNOLDS! I KNOW YOUR ROOMMATES LANDON & SHAMARI!"

    I don't know if I scared him or relieved him. But nobody can say that I wasn't enthused. ;) I never really hung out with my roommates so at this point in time it was just kind of a fact lol. Hahaha No I meant because I like attacked you when you introduced yourself! I was so happy to meet Suzanne and the rest of the Fab 5. For those of you who don't know, the Fab 5 are Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald. Since there were 5 of us originally CPs at Liberty Inn we adopted the term. There was always much debate on who was who but it was clear that I was always Mickey ;) I was the favorite after all. 

    At one point I was Goofy, just by default because we decided everyone was someone else & Goofy was all that was left. But that didn't really work because I'm smart. I wanted to be Donald but I'm not pissed nearly enough. I think Julie was Donald because of her firey temper. God I love her! But then she was Minnie and Maggie was Donald because she's small and has an attitude. Which also, I love her for. Jessie was Goofy NOT because shes dumb but because she's hilarious!! But she's smart too so that didn't really work. And I still didn't have anyone to be. LOL But that's neither here nor there. It's not our faults that Walt made the fab 5 without distinctive personality traits besides stupid and angry. Suz I think you actually ended up as Pluto bc your my best friend. But I do think you hoped between Minnie and Goofy alot. Jessie would hop between Minnie and Goofy, because we got married but she was goofy. To bad our firy temper and grumpy nugget always stayed at donald lol. Julie should swap to Pluto and you should be goofy. Its Decided. Im mickey, your goofy, jessies minnie, julies pluto and maggie is donald lol. What?? Why? I dont like Goofy LOL.

    Anyway I don't remember much else about that day. I remember Sharon scaring the piss out of Julie and if Julie could've she would've gone Donald Duck on Sharon's ass. This scared me and I am not even Julie, I already new I was first to start work alone all day and I was terrified of sharon. I remember it was boring and we were sick so Julie gave me Vics Vapo Rub. ;) I wasn't sick like the rest of you ladies. But of course I caught it and had to listen to Angelo, my terrible roommate, bitch that I got him sick. And you know what? I do it again. I would get sick jsut to make him sick its all worth it.

    OH I also remember costuming when Valerie gave me a size 12 dress. I came out the dressing room looking like I lived in a parachute. Uhm excuse me Valerie kept going back and forth between what length pants i should get. Theh said it was up to me...uhm idk how long its suppose to be stupid knickers. Hahaha that's RIGHT! You took the longest cuz of your pant length!! I ended up in a size 6 (Sometimes a 4 if all the 6s were gone). Thanks Valerie for telling me I LOOK fat without actually BEING fat. Hahaha

    The rest for me is a daze. Those first few days at Disney were so overwhelming. But Reynolds and I were friends from the very beginning!! Thank GOODNESS cuz my program wouldn't have been the same without him!You are probably saying to yourself, "yeah it would have been" your wrong just wait for future stories!

    Goose & Twin