Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's in a Name?

What's in a name? Apparently more than we all would have thought.

Clearly some people had fake names, like Lady GaGa (Stefani Germanotta), Meat Loaf (Marvin Lee Aday), Eminem (Marshall Mathers), and Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson).

But did you know that stars like Charlie Sheen, Judy Garland, John Wayne and Mark Twain all have fake names? I had heard that actors who sign up for something, maybe the screen actors guild?, can't sign up under there name if it is already taken and so maybe these people had to do that.

But honestly Charlie Sheen's real name is Carlos Estevez...really? I didn't realize he was a Latino.

I just think its crazy that you never even realize some of these house hold names actually are fake. So since I am becoming a house-hold name I thought I'd tell yall my full name, William Reynolds Davis. But did you know that wasn't my original name?

Like many celebrities I had a name change to make it more "normal", or as normal as Reynolds could be. I was born with my traditional Icelandic name Reykholt Dalvík. and my brothers were born Magnús and Björn. My parents realized that when coming to America Reynolds, Martin and Brooks were much more suitable. Clearly they mistakenly named us all last names. Silly foreigners.

Totally kidding of coarse, as far as I know my name has always been what it is. But if I was a celeb it would be very likely that my real name would probably be Reykholt.

But does it really matter what we are named? Some people don't have middle names, some people go by there middle name, some people go by something completely random and don't get me started on women, they give up there last name usually (which I am all for by the way, I am anti dash)

I guess it makes since that parent's name us, because if children got to name themselves they'd be really dumb names, like "cookie" and "doggie" because I am pretty sure if my cousin Gabe got to name himself he would be Doggie Campbell and not Gabriel William Campbell, and don't listen to what anyone says, hes named after me.

I mean honestly I wouldn't mind having a different name sometimes. I have friends who call me Reyn (said like Wren). I like that its shorter, I would never officially change my name to it but I do like it. I mean first of all I can't say some words and as dumb as it sounds I am pretty sure I say Reynolds wrong.

I just feel like I am a complete idiot when I say my own name. Is this common or am I just in my own little dumb category?

Well I just thought I'd through this out there! Make sure to check out Reality With Reyn for updates on my favorite reality tv shows. I am hoping this will put us over 200 views this month!! whooot!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Public Indecency

Warning this is another blog about the bathroom.

The other day Suz and I were talking about how we think its kind of awkward to do number 2, in a public bathroom. We are sure we aren't the only ones who feel this way but we want to know why? Afterall, that is what a bathroom is for right? To use it.

There is a lot of awkwardness that comes along with taking a dump in the public bathroom, for starters you could run out of toilet paper and that brings up a whole new giant set of problems. What would one do in a public bathroom with no toilet paper? You'd have to as the dude next to you to pass some under and let me tell you that would probably be the most embarresing thing ever, so I'll share a story.

One day my family and I were coming home from Alabama and we stopped at this steakhouse to eat lunch, we rarely every stop on such a short trip like from Birmingham to Lilburn, but today we did. Well both Brooks and I had to shit so we went to the bathroom because we were about to leave. As I was done and needed to wipe I almost died laughing because I was out of toilet paper, there were other people in the bathroom. Plus Brooks was probably telling jokes, and probably farting really loud but thats just a guess because I don't remember. But I do remember having to ask and I laughed so hard because I could just imagine what the other people where thinking.

Anyway, luckily Brooks was in the next stall. But his brings my to my other points, what if your really gassy? Fart's not only echo in bathrooms, but they are magnified in toilets, and I don't think anyone will really judge someone for farting in the bathroom; but many people, like me, think its hilarious when someone farts in a public place and honestly if I was in the bathroom and someone just keeps non stop farting I'd probably hyperventilate.

With gas, and taking a shit, comes a smell for lots of people. When your taking a shit in a public place you just have to pray to God that that shit doesn't reek. People will judge you if you release a toxic gas in the bathroom, thats just indecent. You might like you own brand but I'll tell you right now noone else likes it one bit.

Unless you have fabreeze in your pocket your probably going to have to deal with people giving you the stank face when you exit the stall.

So my advise for you to when you get a call from number 2, you should probably anwer it in an uncrowded bathroom or a private bathroom. Lunchtime on a Sunday at Cracker Bareel is not the proper place for this behavior.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Birth of Something New

For those of you who may not already know, we officially launched our YouTube channel this past week. It would be great if all of you could subscribe. Right now all the videos that are up are just random ones from out Disney college program (which Suzanne is actually missing from) and then some of us from Downtown Disney from Spring Break.

We planned on making more videos than we did but we had so many people with us, so much to do and so little time that it just didn't work out. We do have some real videos that will be uploaded soon but until then enjoy these.

There is one of the videos, and I will post the link to our channel so you can subscribe.


Okay so please subscribe, the more subscribers we have there the more likely we will post videos ha.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reyn The Coward

Some of you may know this about me, and many of you have different opinions on this trait. I say what I want when I want. Some people like this because they think its funny, some think its going to get me into trouble one day. Honestly, I am a big guy theres few people I am physically scared of and whats the rest of the people going to do yell at me? Please, no one has a way with insulting words quite like I do.

But when it comes to fessing up to something I have done (or asking questions) I don't like to say anything. There have been two BIG events that come to mind when I think of me chickening out and not fessing up.

The first time was when I went swimming with my iphone. YUP I went swimming with my iphone. Not just jump in the pool either, we were probably in the pool for a good hour and a half at least. The first thing I did was RUN out of the pool and drive to my aunts house with a bag of rice (to soak up the water) and I texted my mom on my aunts phone saying I left mine at home...I was scared of what my mom would do when she found out, luckily she laughed and nothing bad really happened, excepted I had to use her raspberry blackjack, but that broke and the last phone we had left was pink razor.

The SECOND time happened today. Before spring break out group project was due in sociology and this kid barely did anything, never showed up to meeting but maybe once. The work he sent us was not acceptable so we decided to fire his ass.

Now I know its a dick move to fire someone the day the project is due, but he didn't show up.Okay here is where it gets interesting, believe it or not it wasn't my idea to fire this kid. Yup, it wasn't me. Now I did jump on the opportunity once someone else brought it up, I don't want some mooching lightweight to get our wonderful grade on the essay we spent hours working on. 

Apparently our professor was suppose to tell him the news. Welp she did not break the news to him. We are sitting in class and for some reason today he sat behind me (I just knew I was going to get stabbed, again). People started talking about what grades they got and he has his computer and looks up his grade and nothing is there, then asks me if ours hadn't been posted yet. So I play dumb, I can't tell this kid we fired his ass during class what if he crys?

At the end of our class the teacher gives out our project and calls 3 of our names leaving the fired kids name off, because he was fired. I love this teacher, she is really cool but really? really? You are the only teacher I know who can grade things that fast, and you happen to get them done in time to give them back one of the 5 days this kid actually comes to class?

So I go up and get the paper, and walk to the other side of the classroom, give it to the other kid who was there and made a b-line to the door. The group member who wasn't fired asked if I wanted it. HELL NO! My thoughts were that if I didn't have it, fired boy wouldn't ask me to see it and I wouldn't have to tell him.

On our way out fired boy confronts us and asks "so....did I get the boot?" I pretended to ignore him, I wasn't about to go Donald Trump on his ass. The other kid said "oh idk". -_- really? you don't know. I don't think I have ever walked that fast to class I wasn't late for.

In all reality the kid does get to redo his paper, and on our finale part (the only part he got fired for) we made like a 55. WHOOPS but all together on the project we made an 82.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Fear That Stricks your Heart

So as most of yall know, we were reunited last Friday for the most amazing couple of hours of me week!!! We have pictures and videos and shirts for proof, but right now I am going to tell you an amazing story of something I thought of two days before.

So this little ginger boy was lost in Islands of Adventure, and not even lost in the cool part either, and he was walking around frantically. For a hot second I  thought he found his family when a family of gingers came a trotting along but alas they were not related and he was still lost.

Now as a good citizen I COULD have helped this boy, I SHOULD have helped this boy and I WOULD have helped this boy BUT he was a ginger, just kidding I didn't help him bc my feet were tired and I was to busy creeping pictures of him and everyone else.

Luckily four big black men decided to help them. This may seem sketch but they looked like very nice gentle men. I couldn't hear what they were saying and I can't for the life of me read lips but I'd imagine they said they'd help him find his mom and dad (who probably lost him on purpose).....or maybe they said they had a big ole bag of candy waiting in their big white van, but I'd guess the first one because he seemed relieved.

This brings me to my story, who remembers the days of being a child at a store, usually a big clothing store like Riches (didn't we all use to call it that when we were little? I know my family did). One minute your playing in the clothing rack and the next minute your all alone.

At this point the fear of God is running through you, you know its all over, that this is the end to all you've ever know. You'll probably end up living with those two boys from Angels in the Outfield and odds are they won't be your friend because you had a loving family and gave it up because you lost yourself. You'll be all alone.

In this moment you are lost it feels like your heart has stopped. Its crazy! Who remembers this? I know it wasn't just me because I was with Virginia and Nichole and they agreed. Usually this worked out best for all of us, because we still have the family's we started off with. (Yes I am including my adopted friends, as far as I know all of yall were adopted as children and as far as I know you still go home with said adoptive parentals for the holidays.)

I want to dedicate this blog to one of my best friends Nichole Lindblad for getting me on Journey Through Hogwarts TWICE with no line (and all the other lines) because if it wasn't for her we wouldn't have had time to sit around and people watch.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Found this survey online and thought it'd be HILAR to fill out.
Enjoy blog lovers!

Your Name?

Best Friend's Name?

Your Age?

Best Friend's Age?

Your Birthday?
Feb 26

Best Friend's Birthday?
Feb 14

How'd you Meet?
Welllll welll well. I love this story. SO I met Shamari doing our food and beverage training. He reminded me of one of my best friends, Kiarri. Anyway, then we had a housing party, me and my Roommate Soulmate met up with Shamari and his roommate Landon (whom we all know is my boyfriend of over one year now) We swapped stories and I said I worked at Liberty Inn, they told me their roommate Reynolds worked there too! So, when we had Lib Inn training we had a connection already and we've been biffs ever since.

Did you like them instantly?
Yup! I really did. Poor little chap got lost our first day and sat with the janitors. I didn't want him to be "that guy" ;)

How long was it before you were best friends?
Um...like an hour? hahaha

Why did you become best friends?
Clearly because we're soulfriends.

Would you do anything for them?
Well, there's not much I can do living in IL while he lives in GA but I would do my best (:

Would you help them get the boy/girl they liked?
OH HELL YES. I would!!! I have! kinda.

Would you still be best friends if one of you moved?
um, since we're already long distance besties, i'd assume yes unless he moved to Abu Dhabi

Would you want to be college roommates?
Hahaha why not!

TV shows you both love?
Um where do I begin! Hoarders, Intervention, America's Next Top Model, Amazing Race, Beyond Scared Straight (most recently), I'm SURE there are tons more but those are the ones we talk about most.

Music you both love?
Disney music (once upon a dream), Sweeney Todd, Dreamstreeeeeeeeeeet!!!!,  Pretty much all current stuff, WHADDYA WANT FROM MEEEE

Books you both love?

People you both hate?
Oh we don't hate anyone ;)

Do you speak in code?
Its not exactly code but it sounds like it when we speak in our CAROL voices

Do you have nicknames?
I'm goose, he's twin, we're both Carol
then of course normal nicknames like Reyn and Suz

Do you codename other people?
Oh yes

Something You're jealous of about your best friend?
The weather in Athens GA!

Something that bugs you about them?
Hahaha nothing i swear

LAst Text Message they sent you?
That's classified information but it was about EPCOT

Last Text Message you Sent them?
iT was about "BEYOND SCARED STRAIGHT" and how its so scary

LAst Time You Talked on the phone?
um next to never, but we really should more often

Are they pretty/handsome?
Duh, yes, especially when he does the sexy model face

Are they awkward?
nooo we have things against awkward humans. ;)

Songs that remind you of them?
Like a billion but see above for my favorites

Something only you two would understand-
There are so many things, all I'm going to say is CAROL

Have you ever crushed on the same guy/girl?
ummm I hope not. ;) Lets face it, we both had a crush on Angelo

What do you like to do together?
Text hahaha

Do you have sleepovers and stay up til 4am?
I think we stayed up til like 2 at the latest, i wouldn't classify it as a sleepover haha

Do you play games?

Will you be best friends always?
DUH YES. We have to go to disney together every year to live til we're in our 90s

Tell an embarrassing secret of your best friend's!
I just realized that we both have this in common, but we do this thing where if something embarrassing happens, we kinda embrace it and laugh so there are no embarrassing secrets. I mean I could probably think of one but I'll never tellllll.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Excuse me why do awkward humans act like the world owes them something?

LISTEN UP NERDS, DORKS, GEEKS, etc, yeah that means you. 


No no, not okay. I can't even tell you how many a time that I've been nice to an incredibly awkward human ( I seriously think ya'll are endearing ) and had them act RUDE to me! THIS IS WHY YOU'RE SOCIALLY AWKWARD! Because people TRY to be nice to you and you ASSUME that they're bad people! I get that you think you were picked on in high school because you liked Star Wars and expensive pens wayyy more than you should, but honestly, that's why you THINK you were picked on.

Those weren't the reasons.

The reason was that you were MEAN to everyone because you automatically assumed they'd be mean to you. It doesn't work that way human! I know plenty of attractive and popular humans that love expensive pens and even Star Wars. I've never seen Star Wars but I'm pretty sure I'd like it, and who doesn't love a nice pen? See? You could've had that in common instead of using it against people. When "popular" or "pretty" people tried to talk to you, why did you quote star wars to them in a snarky manner. Why? Why did you rattle off some psychological fact about how they're only popular because they have an intrinsic need to be liked. Not that any of this happened to me but I saw it happen a LOT. So WHY did you do that? 

You wanted to make it known that you're BETTER than them? Is that it?

Well buddy let me tell you, if you act like you're BETTER than me, I can assure you, you're not. Sure you may be better at math (Stereotyping get over it) but I'm sure I'm better at a lot of things. And just because I take care of myself doesn't mean I'm stupid. My GPA has been around 3.75 my entire life.

So what I'm saying is, give normal people a chance, awkwards, I'm just trying to be nice to you to show you that the world isn't all that bad. And if you just smile and say nice things every once in awhile instead of acting like a robot, you'd have way more friends.

AND ANOTHER THING: you can't be the person that nobody likes, and put down the person that everybody likes, nobody will be on your side - even if you think its hilarious - it will backfire, and then the whole group will throw out the idea of being nice to you.
You know who you are.

Happy rainbows!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

American Idol, Had to do it

As some of you know I have an addiction to reality, My drug of choice, american idol! I blame this on my little brother Brooks, because he watched the auditions and got me to watch. I was stuck

I promise I won't blog about American Idol all the time, but I have to blog about the top 24. I'll give to me opinion, tell you my favorites then who I think will be in top 10.

Clint Gamboa: Frankly, I don't like Clint, I don't like his glasses and this song sounded very karaoke.
Jovany Barreto: Kind of expected more from him, I kind of think hes only here because JLO has a crush on him
Jordan Dorsey: I thought he was a dick, but he was a dick who could sing, at least I though. OMG may have been my least favorite of the week, it was terrible. Please stop thrusting you hips at the tv this is a family. He may have ruined his chanced at top 12. Maybe he'll come in as a wildcard
Tim Halperin: I really liked tim, especially after his performance with Julie. I was disappointed in his song choice, it was just okay
Brett Loewenstern: I am not a fan of this ginger, but I must say it was a relief when he came to sing, he was the best so far, I didn't expect him to do as well as he did, I thought he was one of the worst top 24 choices and he proved me wrong
James Durbin: adam lambert....I mean james had a pretty good performance, honestly I don't think his scream will take him as far as Adams did, hes not as like able as adam, he has a tail.
Robbie Rosen:  I dont think he did bad, BUT I dint think it was a memorable performance. I do like that he has some soul.
Scotty McCreery- LOVED it. I love a good country singer and I think Scotty is one of the best, sorry for all of the John Wayne fans, scotty deserved the country spot this year. If he can take that deep voice into other genres he can kill the ocmpeition.
Stefano Langone: wasn't really a fan, I don't like this song, it started off good and I felt it fell of the map.
Paul Mcdonald: I love his voice, its corky and great, he different from all the other guys and I hope there works well for him.
Casey Abrams: I don't want to like casey, bc he looks like my old asswhole roommate, but kids got a voice! that was so good! though I think Jacob may have done better he was definitely great!

Ta-Tynisa Wilson: In my opinion the worst girl of the night, I don't see what the judges saw in her to put her in the top 24. She had a bad song choice and sang it bad
Naima Adedapo: risky choice singing summertime, I didnt hate it. Naima makes me happy when I see her, I dont think she did herself justice.
Kendra Chantelle: I actually really enjoyed this, if kendra makes it to the top 12 she could easily be dark horse in the compitition. Shes beautiful and was hardly shown in Hollywood but if she can overcome the odds against her she could be one to watch
Rachel Zevita: SHES VERY BROADWAY!!! idk what she was talking about saying she doesnt sing broadway, take it and run with it bc thats what  you sound like. I wasn't a fan of her performance but did think she looks good.
Lauren Turner: okay I get it, shes a great singer but is she memorable? I forgot about her at the end of the night will america too? She may be a diva and I don't see her going farther than 7th place. (if that far)
Ashton Jones: Why did she sing that terrible dirty song? the only problem I had with her was her song choice. She sounded good, and looked good and I LOVE her personality but don't think she was in the top 5 girls tonight.
Julie Zorilla: oh julie, may have been my favorite girl all season but what a bad song choice!! I wasn't amazed by it! I hope she makes it to the top 10 or at least gets one of 2 or 3 wild card spots! Step up your game girl!
Haley Reinhart:  I love haley, I love her raspy voice and that growl she does. She needs to stay still and just sing. I thought she did great
Thia Megia: wow I was amazed by this! BEST PERFORMANCE SO FAR (Pia beats it) This 15 (I think shes 16 now actually) has some CHOPS!!!!
Lauren Alania: GEORGIA GIRL! I loved it! she really showed that shes young this time and we already know she can sing, loved her
Pia Toscano: let me just say I started to Love her bc she looks like Julie, but Pia has owned my respect in her own right during hollywood but TONIGHT SHE BLEW ME OUT OF THE WATER!!! it was amazing By far the best performance of the night!

My 12 Favorites right now: Tim, Scotty, Paul, Jakob, Casey, Brett, Pia, Lauren A, Thia, Haley, Julie, Ashton

My top 10 Best of the night(s) in order (boys then girls): Jakob, Casey, Scotty, Paul, Brett. Pia, Thia, Lauren A, Haley, Kendra.

I've heard rumors that the wild cards will not be announced this week, the top bottom 14 will compete again next week for wildcard spots. its seems like the judges are getting the choice, and if so I think it would be dumb to take up a week with no voting so there is probably a chance that we vote. Either way I think the bottom 14 singing again will help some early favorite who kind of stunk of the stage this week,


WHHHOOOPS I FORGOT Karen Rodriguez: I though she sang well but i was kind of bored, I liked they she sand in spanish but at the same time it lost my memorable spot. clearly I called lauren T forgettable, Karen wins the forgettable vote for me.

Someone Might Have Stirred The Pot, but Honey You Were the Soup

Last night I came up with that nifty little saying, feel free to use it! (just make sure to give me credit, its already copy writed I WILL SUE!)

The original was actually something along the lines of, "someone might have stirred the boy, but honey you were the soap"

which doesn't make since at all but adds to the hilariousness of it. This was partly because I am a bad speller and partly because my facebook chat was messing up.

This is a really random blog today, spring break is approaching and in close to a week Goose and I will be reunited AGAIN!!! oh the joys of such occasion.

I am trying to charge all of my items, my video camera, camera, ipod and my old iphone. Each serves its own purpose and will be useful in this trip. But let me tell you I hate syncing my apple devices! it takes so much time sometimes! and another thing, I don't have any music I want that's new because I don't have money to buy it.

Okay I DO have money to buy it but I have a strick "I only use gift cards" policy for buying online music. Once I start using real money to start buying online music I fear that I won't be able to stop. And since I am a good citizen I don't steal my music.

Actually its more of my fear of getting caught then being a good citizen, either way I don't steal it lol. So if anyone would like to send a itunes gift card my way feel free!!!


Okay So I'm going to take care of some unfinished business here and tie up some loose ends.

1.) We have been told that some people are having trouble commenting, here is the best way to do this
Go type in your comment, then click from anonymous and press preview, then type in the security phrase.

2.) I know I said I would be doing my Harry Potter Cookbook more often BUT I have a tiny kitchen so it really is only possible to me to do at home, so expect lots this summer and next fall when I get to my new apartment.

3.) Our youtube page will officially be launching towards the end of March, now don't get to excited because not many videos will be put up very often bc we don't live near each other.

4.) We will be starting back the Disney Stories Series pretty soon, maybe April?

5.) It would be great if you told your friends/family about our blog, we are hoping to get lots of viewers this year and maybe even be nominated for a Weblog Award or a Bloggers Choice Award (The BCA will probably be easier to achieve.)