Saturday, October 2, 2010

REYNOLDS IS A DISNEY PRINCESS (And way better than Snow White)


Once upon a time, there was a boy named Reynolds. One very magical day, Reynolds became a Disney Princess. How, you may ask, did he become a Disney Princess? well, Reynolds had worked at Disney in the past and saw that the Princess life was a pretty sweet one indeed. Frankly, the princes (with ONE S) got the shaft. Princesses got all the perks of being rich - big castles, pretty clothes, gorgeous hair. All of that without having to be lame like a Disney Prince. Really, the only thing they ever got was to marry a hot princess and Reynolds decided he could do that as a male princess anyway. So when he transformed into Disney Royalty, he chose the princess title instead of prince. PLUS Princes never get their own stories and Reynolds's story has to be told.

THIS is how Reynolds became a true Disney Princess...

One day, in a small little apartment in a beautiful little city, lived Reynolds. Reynolds liked to spend his days relaxing in the cool air streaming from the A/C while he baked lovely treats for him and his friends, like taquitos. Reynolds lived a simple and lovely life and he was happy. He had many friends, and even a twin brother.  

This particular day, all of Reynolds roommates came home. He noticed that one was not at all acting like the rest. He was sluggish, tired, and smelled funny.

     "MAGIC! BLACK MAGIC!" Reynolds exclaimed in horror realizing that this was the only logical explanation.
The friend looked up and shrugged. Reynolds often said random things in his presence.
"Um..." the sluggish friend slurred, "I'm having some people over later. I have business to settle."
Reynolds gasped in horror. "NO!" He screamed. The door opened and more kids posessed by the black magic piled in.
"NOOOO! Its too late to save you!" Reynolds fled into his room and locked himself safely in.

Soon, he realized that he quite needed a shower. He walked to the door of his room softly, and listened. He found that the black magic kids were still there. Falling into a deep sleep, Reynolds forgot all about his shower, and he also forgot about everything else. He slept for hours as a result of the black magic. OR maybe he was really tired. But probably because of black magic.

Soon Helen, the Princess who has always admired Reynolds from afar, noticed that he wasn't in princess class that day and went to his apartment to find him. She knew something was very wrong.

She walked into his apartment, only a vague remnant of the black magic was left, and the evil doers were gone. Helen found Reynolds's door bolted tightly shut. She knocked. Reynolds was still under the black magic spell.
She knocked again.
And again.
And again.
Slowly, she heard Reynolds begin to stir. The spell was breaking!

She knocked again and the door burst open. There Reynolds stood, he looked around. "They're gone!" He exclaimed, "My hero!" He jumped into Helen's arms and they lived happily ever after.

Eventually, Disney heard tell of Reynolds's ordeal. They instantly made him a Disney Princess, and kicked Snow White out. He even got a Spectromagic float and he sang,

"ON THIS MAGIC hm hmmm hm SPECTROMAAAGIC" over and over once a night (Except during extra magic hours -when he did it twice)


Friday, October 1, 2010

You've been GOT by the Comment Compadres. >:)

So Goose and I do badass things even when we are apart. To prove our friendship to everyone we formed the Comment Compadres.....but mostly because we were bored at 4am/3am and theres only so much family feud to be played. It basically goes like this. We spam a profile picture of you with hilarious talk. Be honored by it, it means we love you. Whos is more fitting for the first selects? why arika of coarse. This is how it went down on June 2, 2010 from 3:48am-4:07am

Reynolds Davis Arika is is really cute
  • Suzanne Jourdain I love that she's so tan

  • Reynolds Davis I know. kentucky looks good tan

  • Suzanne Jourdain Definitely. I dont know the other human though

  • Reynolds Davis The other human is a mystery, clearly she thinks arika is brilliant

  • Suzanne Jourdain Brilliant like Albert Einstein.

  • Reynolds Davis Or george W. I think human number two would love us

  • Suzanne Jourdain Well, who doesn't? I Could probably name a few actually...Haha

  • Reynolds Davis haha yes. I think my list is rather large actually.

  • Suzanne Jourdain Mine too. Gotta have hate to be great. I just made that up

  • Reynolds Davis Girrll you are like a rapper. you could throw it down!

  • Suzanne Jourdain I know, you should hear me when I drink! I SPIT it. And I only spit the truth.

  • Reynolds Davis Child I have! You have flow and rythem

  • Suzanne Jourdain HAHAHAHA never in my life...

  • Reynolds Davis I went shopping today but put everything back but the game my brother bought me the othe stuff was good but I didnt need it no how.

  • Suzanne Jourdain OMG haha. How was that game btw?

  • Reynolds Davis It was so amazing we get to play with all of our chacters including arikas :)

  • Suzanne Jourdain Yeah but you ran Arika over

  • Reynolds Davis Whoops!!! No Arika ran me over and then jumped off a cliff lol

  • Suzanne Jourdain Oh that's right you were Arika and you ran over Harry. Why did you jump yourself off a cliff??

  • Reynolds Davis omg there goes my secret identity. i wasnt aware it was a cliff at the time lol. and let me tell you when they die its a hoot and a half.

  • Suzanne Jourdain What should we call ourselves?! Like in HOme Alone Marv names them the wet bandits. We need a name for our scheming selves

  • Reynolds Davis hmm. the comment conpadres?

  • Suzanne Jourdain Comment Compadres. Perfect. >:) we'll make everyone unsuspecting wake up with 30 notifications.

  • Reynolds Davis muhahaha we are so badass we are off the chart but its okay i got a new white bored bigger and better

  • Suzanne Jourdain GOOD you'll need it. I love how we made Arika our first victim

  • Reynolds Davis hahah she diserves it lol. she thought she has all the power over us but the tables have turned

  • Suzanne Jourdain Sorry Arika, we love you but...

  • Reynolds Davis FINISH HERR!!!!!!

  • Suzanne Jourdain You've been GOT by the Comment Compadres. >:)


  • June 2, 2010 10:58 Arika found out.

  • Arika Hardwick OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU BASTARDS SO MUCH, IT"S NOT EVEN FUNNY!!! :)

  • Reynolds Davis excellent :)
    July 2 at 1:59pm ·

  • Suzanne Jourdain Perfection ♥ (:

    Be careful, you'll never know whos next or when we strike!