Monday, May 30, 2011

The fireworks begin today. Each diploma is a lighted match. Each one of you is a fuse.

I usually don't do this but I suppose I will write a person blog not really for entertainment but to let everyone know a little bit about my family, most my little brother. Goose has opened up about the holidays (and probably brought a lot of yall to tears). This probably won't but it isn't meant to. Its more of a congratulations.

18 (19 in November) years ago my mom brought home a little boy, who apparently is my brother. I was only 21 months old and had already developed the personality I have today and said "Take him back Mommy" before she even managed to get all the way in the door.

Many fights, one stabbing and millions of good times later my little brother, who I never really wanted, was getting ready to graduate.

It is a big time in my families lives because the youngest is getting ready to graduate and it has finally sunk in with me that my baby brother isn't really a baby fact...he is an adult. But this was a bigger moment in his life then it was ours. Friday night Brooks would graduate with his class of 2011 then on Saturday we would play in the State Championship for baseball.

I can honestly say that I have never been more proud of him in his entire life. So I am writing a blog about it and will explain how everything went down.

The first game I was PRAYING more then anything they'd win. (Though later there would be another game I'd be praying for). I wanted the first game to win so bad for 2 reasons. 1) Brooks started out on first, it was his last game we were all pretty sure so I really wanted him to win it, that way no matter what happens at least he could look back knowing he won the last game he played in. Selfish but I don't care ha. 2) If they win the first game they are at least guaranteed a game 3 if they loose the second game. Well Hillgrove almost came back but We won!!! What a relief!.

The second game we were playing pretty well but HillGrove caught up and tied the game 10 10 in the last inning we were still tied. I don't remember exactly how many extra inning there for but I think at least 3 or 4. Neither team was really getting any hits. It was a stale mate. I was really nervous but it was good to know that no matter what happened we still would have Monday..though I wish we wouldn't have needed Monday. I will give HUGE props to Phillip Taylor, he is one of Parkviews Senior pitches and he pitched all those extra inning plus a few more before they went into extra innings AND he pitched some in the first game. Phillip and the rest of the Panthers in the field played a LONG hard game and worked there asses off but sadly they lost.

Luckily there was always Monday.

Today (Monday) I think everyone was so nervous. Today was a day all of those boys will remember forever, but we were all hoping they'd remember it for positive reasons. The game was a close match for the first 3 or 4 inning where Parkview lead most of the time the HillGrove went ahead 10 to 8. It wasn't that big of a leave but for the next few inning neither team was scoring, leaving HillGrove in the lead going into the 7th inning. Feelings were kind of low in the stands. We were all so worried, PHS were visitors this game so we batted first and if we didn't at least get 2 run to tie the game we'd be done.

I am not exactly sure what was said but Brooks seemed to have a "talk" with the team on the field before entering the last inning. This would be his last inning of high school ball even though he wasn't playing. It didn't look much like a talk as it did like Brooks yelling at them. Hopefully encouraging words..which I assume were encouraging after I saw they way they batted. I don't know if he used positive or negative reinforcements but it looked like he swapped those kids with pros!! While they were playing a great game, they were not doing well enough to knock in any runs for a few innings (and neither was the other team) the score was still 10 to 8 with us behind.

Before the inning started I had told Troy and Virginia, whos little brother was also a senior on the team and whos father is a veteran and got to throw the first pitch because it was memorial day, that we need to get to at least 20 runs to be safe and win.

Well Parkview decided that they'd one me up and make it 21 to 10. They scored 13 runs in the 7th inning! It was probably one of the most amazing things to watch. The crowd was so hyped up and the boys were all doing amazing. Just with the first 3 runs were they knew they were still in it, it was like it was an all knew ball game and all of them knew they had what it would take to be state champions. HillGrove didn't manage to score and PARKVIEW WON STATE!!!!

I was so happy!! It was so amazing to watch these kids who I've been rooting for for so long get the ultimate prize and win state. I was so proud! watching them celebrate and celebrating with them was amazing!! I was so happy for them and my little brother I almost cried tears of joy, and I didn't do shit but watch.

When some people started running on the field the stands I was in were hardly moving. Well I said "AW HELL *BAD WORD ending in ING* NAW" and I proceeded down the crowded bleachers and onto the field pushing through these people who seemed to care less that we won followed by Jenny, Troy and Virginia to celebrate with them and my brother. It was so exciting the energy was amazing. I'd advise everyone to watch there little brothers high school team win state just once in their lives...or maybe win won yourself.

I almost felt bad pushing through all those people...but I mean when it looked like we were obviously going to win...I did say I'd be pushing through them to get on the field...fair warning. Plus they were blocking the stairs...It was a fire hazard anyway.

The officer on the field tried to tell us no don't go any farther....but it was the officer from our high school. He is a great guy but honestly there was more of us then there was him...and hes getting alittle old.

It was so much fun! I was so proud. And I guess now that baseball is over my little brother is finally a grown up and my family now has no attachments to PHS.

I have watched him grow up for 18 years and now he is off to play college baseball! I am so proud of him and hope he achieves so much more in life :)

Love you little bro.

Thanks for reading everyone, I just thought I'd share my excitement for my little brother and his baseball team.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If you die in an elevator, be sure to push the Up button.

I am writing this to help Goose out... Just kidding hers are great :)

There are some things I have noticed about out most popular blog posts so I am going to list them out here...and actually will use all of these things to help create this one just as popular.

1.) Talk about Disney. 

                  By saying this, I have talked about Disney...but I'll post a picture for good measures.

2.) Post a sultry picture of Suzanne.


3.) Post pictures in general...people eat that shit up.

4.) Have a witty title that grabs attention.

5.) Lead your reader into thinking this is a sexual blog.


6.) Make lots of promises on how your blog will get better. Like any successful person empty promises are the key to success.

7.) Force your friends and family into reading your blog. Sure it doesn't mean you blog is popular but a boost in number equals a boost in confidence.

8.) Have a solid foreign audience who reads your blog.

On that note I'd like to think all of the people who read! Especially the loyal readers. While Americans our are biggest viewers we have received many views and a few emails (which you Americans never send) about our blog so I'd like to send out a big thanks by making some mentions of the countries other then the USA who seem to enjoy our blog. In order of the most loyal. Just for kicks.

Canada, Russia, Italy (Fairly new but they eat out shit up! Love y'all Italians and wouldn't judge y'all by your Jersey counterparts), Slovenia, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Malaysia and Philippines.

Big THANKS to all of you! Don't see your country on here? Well better tell your friends and maybe shoot us an email and if you get enough viewers we will give yall a shout out....hell we may just hop right over and come visit....assuming your country has a beach....sorry Switzerland.

Now I know this is a bit off topic, but my other blog has its fair share of foreign viewers. In fact the number of viewers seems to grow with each post so I thought I'd give some shout outs to those countries too...after all they clearly love me bc I blog about American tv.

Russia, Canada, Germany, Austria, Hungry, Singapore, Australia, Denmark and the UK.

So whats with all this your probably asking. Well Suz and I have come up with a great discovery.

Foreign people LOVE me. I should be president. With Obamas approval ratings in the gutter and no clear front runner for Republican candidate I could easily go in and sweep this election. I mean assuming no one questions my age and prior experience I could probably win.

World peace would not be to far away either. If country didn't decided to be peaceful our peace countries which will go by Reynolds Davis' Countries for a Better Tomorrow....or RDCBT for short, will blow they asses up.

Thanks for reading guys! I'd also like to give Parkview High School Baseball a big shout out for making it to the State championship!!! I hope yall win it!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Shut Your Mouth and Say it Ain't So

I am very angry right now, okay that's kind of a lie. I am just more a little frustrated.

I don't know what happened but my last post got deleted, along with a few posts from

I mean it isn't the worst thing that could have happened, only one post here got deleted so at least we have a lot left. I am not rewriting that post either so if you missed it then that sucks. I don't really care that some on the other blog went down just because they are more recaps and my feelings on TV shows.

I just hope no more go down. Sometimes Blogger is very inconvenient. Maybe we should switch to Tumblr (which I have by the way). But I don't really feel like tumblr is as organized as blogger. who knows.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to Catch a Predator

I am going to tell you and entirly true story about what happened to my cousin Jamee and I the other day.

We are getting ready to have our "The Voice" viewing party when she needs to go to the store to get a cake. We got to publix which is right down the street and along with the cake we decided to get some eclairs.

After waiting in a pretty short line to check out he ranged our items up then Jamee is about to pay and I say.

"Did you get the eclairs?" I knew she did, but I also knew I didn't see them anywhere and I am pretty sure he rang them up. So she looked and he did ring them up and so we say something. Then I mention the fact that I am pretty sure the little girl and her mom in front of us stole them. I saw them take a freshly baged bag but I wasn't sure if it was ours or one of theirs so I didn't say anything.

When our register boy relized this mistake he took off like Superman going to save Lois Lane. He ran out that store leaving behind a line. The manager and two other employees looked over at us like WTF? Then the manager asked what he was doing. We politely said "Some little girl jacked out eclairs". The manager, being a little more thoughtful then the employee sent another employee to get us new eclairs because clearly they will never get those back from that little thief....Her mom probably beat her that night for stealing.

As if the night wasn't already full of criminals, when we were driving back to Jamee's house to put the cake away there is a HUGE creeper standing under a tree hiding. He gives us the creepiest look EVER. And like moves his head to follow us with his eyes.

Okay and so you can get a mental picture in your head about what this guy looked like. Imagine the scariest guy you've ever imagine him as a cannibal....and in jean shorts.

That was this guy. He kind of looked somewhat like this dude....but scarier and without visible tattoos.

Oh good the stories over right? nope. When we got to her house right up the street we pull in her driveway. Then some Van decides to be creepy and it stops in front of the driveway!! it doesn't do anything but sit there parked! In super creeper mode. We don't get out of the car because we weren't in the mood to get killed or kick ass. All we wanted was to watch the voice and eat eclairs is that so hard to ask?

Welp surely nothing else could go wrong right? wrong.

After a few hours my mom reads me an article about how a few houses in the neighborhood right near ares were broken into and how a cop is monitoring the area and that any suspicious activity needs to be reported.......

If only we would have known sooner. There is a gaggle of thugs out that we come into contact with and we could have citizens arrested all of them. Imagine how big of heroes we would have been. We probably would have been given keys to the city.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Honey Badger Don't Care

Honey Badger Don't Give a Shit.

Okay so I am going to tell yall about a dream I had last night. It was pretty rad and I think I made a new best friend.

This dream was pretty awesome. I was sitting a room, it was almost like a room where we are about to listen to someone talk, my guess was that they were going to talk to us about toothpaste because we were in a convention center for old people.

I look around and who do I see? Lindsey Lohan. I am star struck! The fact that Lindsey and I use the same toothpaste was amazing. This clearly meant that I would be able to pursue a future as a cocaine addict without harming my pearly whites.

As I look around I see Paris Hilton, Carlie Sheen, Antonio Banderas, Raquel Zimmermann, Cuba Gooding Jr., Tom Welling and Kristin Chenoweth.

Quickly I realized this is not the toothpaste convention I had signed up for. I was clearly either in a celebrity rehab center....or on the set of the Rat Race sequel.

When know Doctors came out I took it upon myself to personally rehabilitate each and everyone one of the celebs from whatever ails them. So I said "Okay guys lets gather around and talk about our problem like an AA meeting"

They all start to move there chairs, Mr. Sheen kind of had a hard time following instructions being under the influence from his morning line but Tom Welling, being  superman, helped him get into the circle.

I called Lindsey over to sit by me. She needed the most help and I was very interested in knowing how Herbie Fully Loaded ended, because I fell asleep and am not sure. I assume it wasn't to good because while living in Orlando I'd see Herbie driving all the time and not racing once.

On my right sat Paris, Cuba, Kristin and Tom. Everyone else was on my left. We did role call. By this point I decided they all needed different types of help. Paris, Lindsey and Charlie needed drug rehabilitation. Antonio needed a new face because he is often confused for Rickey Martin by the non-Hispanic community. Cuba needed a jump start to his career and Raquel needed a little bit of name recognition. Tom tired to say he had to problem but I knew I'd find his kryptonite. Kristin really didn't seem to have problems though, really her only problem was that she played an on screen drunk.

Now it looks like I am just beginning to peek in my story and that more is to come but that is where you are wrong. I got a phone call from some number I don't know and it ruined my dream. I debated putting the number up here in hopes that someone would be able to tell me who they are but since it was probably a wrong number I'd hate for crazies to start calling them up every chance yall get.

but you know what


i dont even like honey badgers.