Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Okay, let me first start by saying that unlike Suzanne I am not an English major. I wouldn't even consider myself a semi-good English speaker. Lets just pretend I'm foreign and except that I will make mistakes.

A little about myself. I am a broadcast journalism major, maybe. I have currently had 3 majors and ranked up 13 credit hours (only 11 transferred to my new school). So I believe this is a great accomplishment. I don't intend on being any sort of news writer, I want to be on the news reading words written by someone else and that will probably make me look charming and smart. I'm kinda like Ryan Secrest, but taller and more attractive.

Anyway last Friday an opportunity presented itself for me to baby sit my cousins (Charles and Kacie's) baby Gabe. He is so cute and just an all around fun baby. So I decided to accept this challenge because they needed someone to babysit and my only other thing I had planned was to sleep my day away.

Well, lets start by saying I have never changed a diaper. I wish I could go without doing this my whole life but I want kids and lets face it, someone changed mine I must return the favor. I have also only fed a baby once, and have never made a bottle. Okay so that's my back story.

This morning in art history I decided it was time for this boring class to be over so I said "Lets wrap this shin-dig up, everyone is officially asleep and some of us need to be awake soon" so we left early and I went to babysit. I was taught how to make a bottle, I never needed to make one. I also never needed to change a diaper, or make him stop crying because he never did. Babies might be the only type of human that enjoys my company, they just love me. Unfortunately not all babies are cute some are dirty and have lots of boogers. Luckily for me today Gabe is VERY cute and doesn't have many boogers.

The adventures were fun but did anything exciting happen? Like funny diaper changing stores? Nope. We just had a great time playing. Watching Oz (their dog) and Gabe play is really entertaining. I tried to get Gabe to walk but he wasn't having any of that nonsense, he has two perfectly good knees and two perfectly good hands to crawl on, who needs to walk? But when he gets on his little lawn mower thing he can run! NEVER IN MY LIFE!! I could not believe how fast this little human could go.

We also had a a little dance party, it was pretty fun. He was a great companion for the entire morning and it lasted longer than I had originally thought but it all worked out and I think we had a great time.

 Reynolds (twin)

ENGL 375...Literature Analysis ??? Well no. Not really. (:

Um okay. I’m in ENGL 375. It’s American Literature some sort of significant year to another one farther down the line WHATEVER.

My teacher is British.

He legit used to teach in LONDON.

I don’t know if you understand the significance. My INCREDIBLY British teacher teaches AMERICAN literature. Thank God because it takes a crazy hilarious Brit to make American Literature interesting.

I mean, he’s having us read the Scarlet Letter. U G H. It’s fine and all and I GET IT. It screams America with a capital A. But it’s also lame with a capital L. No, it’s LAME with all caps. And bold. And italicized. LAME. Okay maybe not that bad. Just Lame will do.

No, I’m not going to get into all the whacked out themes these overreaching English majors throw out there. Maybe I’m just jealous because I feel like when they say stuff like “Oh I see an underlying theme of spirituality vs nature” I feel like they’re being pretentious (not to mention showing off how well they use Google) while the British teacher jumps around giddy-like with enthusiasm.

I mean I’m not stupid. I could come up with some good shit too. I plot out what I’m going to spout off in class like the themes of “morality growing from sorrow and fear.” but I’m afraid that someone is going to be like “Um that’s overreaching” and it is. It always is. But that's what we English majors do, overreach. Pretending to like it is the hard part.

Point is, Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote the book to write a book. I don’t believe he sat down and was like “I WANT TO WRITE A BOOK THAT OUTLINES MORALITY GROWING FROM SORROW AND FEAR. OR MAYBE SPIRITUALITY VS NATURE. YEAH THAT’S GOOD.”
Nope. He sat down and was like “eh, here’s an idea.”

Believe me, we’ve met. He told me. Ask him yourself.

Okay so here’s the 311 (A little less than 411 and I like the band): I’m an English major, Communications minor. But really, I’m just looking for that Bachelors Degree. I’m hoping to get rich by being a New York Times Bestselling Author. Or Caldecott Award Winner, or Newberry or WHATEVER. Really, whatever. I’ll take anything. So I guess I have to get through all of the Scarlet Letter teachings out there for another year or so. Just in case I need that degree to fall back on.

& Screw it. I’m reading children’s literature from now on. That’s really what I want to write anyway.

OKAY yes, I’ve been planning on doing this for awhile. I’m going to read my old favorites while reading this deeply AMERICAN schtuff blahblahblah. I’ll chronicle that here too. I’m excited and convinced that it’ll be fun. Way funner than THE SCARLET LETTER.

Because children believe that you can use words like funner and adults won’t allow it.

I will.

So will Nathaniel Hawthorne. He said it to me that time we met.  He said, “Spending time with you is way funner than writing ‘The Scarlet Letter.’ To which I replied, “Oh Nate, you slay me.” (Yes I call him Nate).

- Suzanne

Monday, August 30, 2010

The commencement, debut, inception, & INTRODUCTION of YOURS MINE OURS blog.

     Nope, totally not a crappy Dennis Quaid movie. Nope, not saying Dennis Quaid is crappy, just that one movie – YOURS MINE & OURS. Boo to that movie. Anyway, this is going to be an experimental blog of me, Suzanne and a Reynolds. Reynolds is only kind of sort of his name but I’m sure we’ll speak of this later.

     Anyway, I’m Suzanne. I don’t blog. Actually I DIDN’T blog. I guess this means now I do. Reynolds is the experienced blogger so bare with me.

     You might be wondering our relation. No, we aren’t related, we aren’t married, nor are we dating (wanna do the kiss?). We’re simply just best friends with a hell of a lot of good stories about our adventures. Right now we live several hundred miles apart. I live near Chicago, he near Athens. Whatever. Believe it or not we still have some hilarious adventures.

     We met at the Disney College Program in January of 2010 and instantly Reynolds was one of the best friends that I’d ever had. Like a brother or sister but one that you actually like. Don’t get me wrong, I like my real brother too, but generally speaking, people don’t like their siblings.

     So we decided to start this blog. For our adventures, then just for random stuff I want to say and random stuff he wants to say. We’ll figure it out as we go along. And if not, enjoy our attempts. (:

 - Suzanne 

     Hello everyone! This is Reynolds, I have slight experience blogging before but nothing major. Just 5 months in Orlando where I met one of my BEST FRIENDS Suz. 
     So Suzanne basically summed up everything, I hope that we create a hilarious entertaining blog for all and if not it will not be our first failure. Hopefully it will get better as we go along. Suzanne is the writer of this operation and I, well I'm the looks ;)
     After a while we will try to create some order to this blog, what she will write about and what I will. We will not always post together but thats why this is yours, mine and ours. Plus every so often we will give you the pleasure of one of our stories and trust me reading our blogs until we get good will be worth it when we tell you a story. 


Under Construction

But this will be the best.blog.ever.
Suz & Reynolds