Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Weekend Update

Monday school starts back and thanksgiving break will be over so it could be around two weeks before I updates again because of finals and everything so I thought I would fill everyone in on whats going on. I will probably getting a new layout soon, something that looks a little more professional also we will be adding more things like the fish tank at the bottom (go check it out).

We will start having a new surprise blog late this year or the beginning of next year, updates for it will probably come at least once or twice a week and last almost all year (maybe longer). We will keep it a secret about what its about until the first blog (which will come around the third week of December). It's going to be a teaser from what is to come and I know everyone will love it and if you don't then that's your problem!

Also I have been told that people can't follow the blog, I don't know why you guys can't BUT I do know you need a google account or a blog spot account. If you have one of those and you'd like to follow us (please do) then all you have to do is go to the top of our blog and theres a black bar and you just press the follow button! easy as pie! If you'd like to follow us and don't have an account then you can make one if you'd like, its free and easy and your won't all those crappy spam emails from this website so there no worries. But as always we will continue to tweet and post something on facebook every time we update.

Then we have been having a problem with comments, you should be able to comment even if you do not have a blog or google email, you should be able to comment anonymously, or just shoot us an email.

Anyway I hope everyone who went black Friday shopping got some good deals and those of you who had to work (like Suz) made it out alive! I saw Tangled last night and its probably towards the top of all the Disney princess movies.


Friday, November 26, 2010


Okay this year was the best one yet. Let's get serious for a moment. I hope I don't make your soul hurt like I did with Reynolds when I told him this story, but I'm not telling you something funny first so it wont be as bad.

Well as many of you know I lost my brothers Joel and Eric Oct 16 and Nov 19, 2002. So ever since then Thanksgiving has been kind of...hard.
OKAY now funny part. And then, before that, we all had to go to my grandparents house which was always uncomfortable because mostly everyone hated each other. Haha. So yeah, Thanksgiving was just kinda "Alright let's just eat and get this crap over with."

This year was so fabulous though. We had 10 in all. My parents, me, Landon, my brother Nick and his finace Meridith, Jon, my aunt Geralyn and for the first time we had my Aunt Leslie and Uncle Jacques come. They finally decided NOT to go hang out with my grandfather for the holiday and I do say that everyone had a marvelous time.

My mom cooked and my mom is a DAMN good cook!!!! Anyway it just really felt complete and it felt like Eric and Joel were there in spirit. It's about time we got to be happy. I felt really blessed all day (even though I was over stuffed and tired haha)

THEN as tradition: My mom and I went and saw a movie, we ALWAYS go see movies on Thanksgiving. So we saw Tangled and OH MY GOSH. Soooo cute. So funny and even better than Princess and the Frog. I compare it to that just because it was the most recent. Oh and Tangled is the 50th animated Disney movie so you know it HASSS to be good (:

Anyway, I was Thankful for this year's Thanksgiving, good times, family, friends, exactly all of the boring stuff. I am thankful for this blog because it's fun & I am incredibly thankful for everything Disney because it changed my life....

The biggest change is that now I cry every time i see the castle intro for disney movies ;) Haha okay that's not the biggest change, but it is true.

<3 Goose

Its that time of year again

This week the holiday season has officially began. Thanksgiving came and went faster than a stick of better sliding down a pipe in the dessert. Preparing for thanksgiving is always stressful because my family usually has gone months without fully cleaning the house so theres a lot to do, and then you have to cook on top of that. Well of coarse it was all worth it and this year the whole family was able to make it (minus a few). It was great to have everyone over and all the little ones. I must say I wish  there was presents involved.

In a few weeks Dr. Pepper is reuniting Suz and I and then Christmas will be here.

So since this week was thanksgiving I wanted to know what everyone was thankful for this year? yeah most everyone says "family, friends good health...." blah blah blah. Let's be honest we should probably be thankful for that everyday and not just once a year. Does anyone have anything special there thankful for? maybe they won some money or something materialistic. Frankly I find that more interesting to here I can assume your thankful for you family.

I personally don't give thanks, I get thanks. I'm just that great.

In all reality I think this year beside the "normal" things I am most thankful for the mouse. He's very strict and kind of mean but lets face it, it was probably one of....not it was the greatest thing that has happened to me this year. Living and working in Florida was great and all these wonderful people were blessed enough to meet me, and they aren't to bad themselves!

So everyone I'd like to know what you are thankful for this year, leave a comment, email us (, tweet us (goosethetwin) or facebook either one of us!


(PS I am home and will probably update again soon)

Friday, November 19, 2010


Suzanne's interview with Robert Patterson.

In honor of the new Harry Potter I thought that I'd share this video with everyone. So click the link and it will direct you to youtube where Suzanne (Goose) has an awesome video! Make sure to like it and comment!
Ps. Sorry for the lack of updates with tests and essays and everything (and work with Goose) we've both bee very busy.