Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brain Eating Terrorist.

If you pay any attention at all to the news, and by news I mean Yahoo! news because that's all I look at (and twitter), then you know about these brain eating amoebas...


Did I really just say that? YUP. A brain eating amoeba. Let that sink in for a few seconds.

This mother trucker thinks he can just swim up your nose and chow down on your brain. This my friend is what gamers and horror movie enthusiast like to call zombies. Zombies should be the only thing eating brains around these parts!

How does one get there brain eating you may ask? Well you go swimming in a warm body of fresh water. Then it gnaws up you brain until you die. I imagine that there a quick way to check if you have this (besides symptoms like headache, vomiting and stiff neck) is to knock on your head and listen to see if it sounds hollower.

They say to avoid shallow water and stirring up the bottom.

Oh that's nice, I feel better.


You know what I am going to avoid? Water. Yup, no water. I will go about and by more deodorant tomorrow. I will only shower once a week with freezing cold water. and my face will not be washed near the nose.

Also a good precaution...I'd say don't pick those boogers! I bet those little zombie can't dig through boogers.

They say you die from within 1 to 12 days after swimming and being taken over. So, for instants, lets say you get sick with what you think is the flew. I think we have all had those symptoms for a few days and lived...because it was the flew. NOW along with feeling like crap and worrying when we will finally be able to hold down proper food and have a mouth that doesn't taste like vomit...we have to worry about an amoeba eating our brains (if we had been in the water recently).

Apparently these don't live in pools and these things happen all the time. Like once a year. OH that makes me feel better too. Glad its semi common. Glad its not a temporary thing that will be over once winter hits.

3 deaths this summer, two of them being children (well child and teenager). That's just plain sad and scary! Summer is almost over so here just a warning...if you get those symptoms go to the hospital.

I wonder if you feel it eating your brain? BLEEGGGHHH. Gross right? Does your brain hurt now? Mine does.

I'm much more comfortable swimming with can see know what is happening the whole time. They are very straight forward attackers. Sure they aren't ever 100% sure whether they want to eat you or not but hey when you go to that new restaurant you take a big out of your food too before you swallow it down. Frankly getting eaten whole by a shark really says something good about your taste and hygiene.

Anyway I just have one question about this Amoeba situations.


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